2023 MSN Committee

MSN Committee Re-Elected

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Mentor Support Network has provided a vote of confidence in the existing committee by returning all members for another year.

The AGM, held on 20 June at Newcastle Harness Racing Club, approved the organisation’s Annual Report and Treasurer’s Report.

Chair, Judy Hart, said the volunteer committee and sub-committees were to be commended for their tireless dedication to ensuring assistance to as many students as possible. This enabled those willing, albeit financially disadvantaged, students to finish their schooling or trade courses.

Committee members for 2023/24 include Judy Hart (Chair), Chris Cull (Treasurer), Helen Doust (Scholarships), Steve Gillan (Committee), Gail Harmer (Membership), Keith Powell (Communication) and Robyn White (Secretary).

“MSN passes on its appreciation to Patron, Melinda Smith, whose knowledge and experience of the organisation proved invaluable and also sincerely thanks donors, in-kind sponsors, members, schools and support teachers,” said Judy.

“Without their help, MSN would not be able to continue its incredible work.”

The meeting was advised that applications for 2024 Educational Scholarships would open on Monday, 17 July and close on Friday, 22 September (2023).

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