Everyone was supportive – a story from one of our scholarship students

A young student who has been benefiting from her educational scholarship this year is 16-year-old Elenoa Ellis from Maitland High School.

Elenoa said her 2023 Educational Scholarship allowed her to purchase a laptop computer to assist with her studies – but also contributed to her gaining confidence in facing senior high school.

“I was very nervous when I had my interview late last year for my scholarship but everyone was so supportive,” said Elenoa.

“My teachers, people at Mentor Support Network and fellow students all helped and I was surprised at the amount of support I received.

“I thank them for having faith in me – applying for the scholarship and then being interviewed was a valuable experience.”

Elenoa was one of 42 students from Hunter Region high schools and education institutions to be awarded a 2023 Educational Scholarship.

“The scholarship allowed me to buy a computer which I really wanted as I knew it would help with my Year 11 and Year 12 courses,” said Elenoa. “The scholarship also gave me confidence in meeting more people and doing what I want to do.”

Elenoa’s experience in meeting people during the year included being a guest presenter at a breakfast meeting for Collective Heart, a community organisation which co-ordinates acts of kindness and generosity and with which MSN has a close association.

The young student is just completing Year 11 and is already focussed on Year 12 and her Higher School Certificate next year. Her longer-term options include undertaking a double degree through the Australian Defence Force Academy, entering the teaching profession or a career in business/marketing.

Elenoa celebrates her 17th birthday on December 28 – a nice way to end the year and to look forward to a bright 2024.

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