MSN Stalwarts retire

The Mentor Support network has farewelled three highly respected members of the Executive Committee. Each has stood down after distinguished contributions to helping young people whose education might have faltered because of financial constraints without the support of MSN.

Katherine Heinrich has been Secretary of MSN since 2010.It is widely held among members and strongly supported by Executive Committee Members that Kathy has made an unprecedented and extraordinary contribution.

Chair, Jon Chin, said that Kathy had accepted many tasks well outside the traditional role of secretary.

Indeed, knowing that she was to stand down we have looked closely at the workload and decided that at least three others are required to pick it up. Kathy’s enthusiasm for MSN goals, her diligence and her unfailing energy have been an inspiration.

Coral Baldwin has been a member of Executive Committee for seven years having brought to MSN extensive experience with students mentoring through schools and considerable experience in event organisation.

Jon said members and sponsors well knew that seamless functions did not happen by accident.

It takes much time and effort to organise and to ensure the primary purpose of events, the presentation of scholarships and recognition of those who make it possible. Coral has done this with great skill.

Nick Killin has been a member of the Executive since 2016. Nick has considerable experience in research, engineering and education and had a particular interest in the past two years in the refugee scholarship system.

Jon Chin said that Nick also brought to MSN sound knowledge of organisational processes and governance which had proved invaluable to the organisation.

We will miss all three and we thank them again for their contributions.

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