MSN Scholarship recipient Rebekah and her robot project

2019 MSN Scholarship recipient Rebekah is a student at West Wallsend High School where she participates in the Plan-it Youth Mentoring Program.Her scholarship funds are being used to further her Higher School Certificate research project in robotics.

Rebekah is passionate about robotics and has been purchasing supplies and parts for a robot she is building.

In her words: “My work on my Hexapod Robot has increased my understanding in the field I would like to enter when I have finished school. There have been some obstacles during the process, when a section of the shell of my robot was not able to be [3D] printed correctly at school.Fortunately during my work experience [at a local robotics company] I was able to use the company’s 3D printers and complete the construction of the final design.

“Now I have the dilemma that one of the parts has started to smoke but that should be easily fixed, and it will definitely be a good learning experience for me, as Murphy’s Law states ‘Anything that can go wrong it will’, but that has never deterred me. Most of the construction and testing I am and have been doing is excellent experience. Thanks to the Mentor Support Network grant I have had the resources I needed to be able to thoroughly test and refine my design which has been invaluable to me.”

Rebekah looks forward to the day where she can assemble her six-legged robot which will be able to walk, dance and manoeuvre over and around objects via remote control.

She has been invited to take part in the Mars Rover Project for the Mars Rover Challenge in October and has also been asked to assist with programming for Zahnee Bridge and Jake Muller’s Hunter Region STEM Defence and Innovation ‘SAVI Vest’ Project.

Congratulations Rebekah and all the best for the future.

(Thanks to West Wallsend HS for support with this article.)




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