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Burton Automotive Continues Support of MSN

Burton Automotive has continued its support of Mentor Support Network (MSN), by being one of the sponsors of its 2023 Educational Scholarship Program.

Chair of MSN, Judy Hart, said Burton Automotive’s sponsorship was the second consecutive year that the company has been a sponsor of the organisation and that she again welcomed their involvement.

“MSN has run the successful scholarship program in the Hunter Region for many years and if it wasn’t for the support of companies like Burton Automotive we would not be able to provide such a valuable educational support service,” said Judy.

“We have selected 42 students entering Year 11 at regional high schools or final years in training/vocational institutions such as TAFE to receive one of our 2023 scholarships.

“These students are exceptional young people facing significant socio-economic and/or family challenges. Without financial assistance and support they would find completing their education to be an enormous challenge – and achieving their potential in the workforce and society a great barrier.

“The Burton Automotive sponsorship is helping MSN assist disadvantaged students stay in school or in studies – the benefit not only being to the students, but to our community in general.”

“It’s wonderful news for the students and MSN – both the Network and Burton Automotive are heavily involved with the community and it’s a partnership that is bringing educational and personal rewards,” she said.

Students will use their scholarships to purchase uniforms, books, home study equipment, computers, software and internet access as well as paying for excursions and fees.

MSN is planning a major ceremony in May to present the 2023 educational scholarship certificates to the group of 42 students.  

Burton Automotive is a well-known automotive retailer in the Hunter Region and has a solid reputation for supporting community initiatives. The company, which has grown from humble beginnings in Maitland to an award-winning automotive group, has been active in supporting the community since January 1963 – 60 years!

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