Awards to MSN Chair Jon Chin JP and Past Chair Kay Sharp AM

At our Scholarships presentation Kay Sharp was named a lifetime member of MSN.

Kay was Chair of the Hunter Youth Mentor Collaborative (HYMC) from August 2009 until December 2016. During this time HYMC grew and developed. The scholarships program prospered (six scholarships awarded for 2010 to 33 for 2016); reflecting increased support from sponsors and a significant increase in the number of applicants. An increased focus on the professional development of mentors led to the introduction of the MSN Mentor Training Program, Networking
and Learning Presentations and the annual Mentor Recognition Breakfast. Membership also grew significantly.

Kay’s tenure culminated in our partnership with Headjam that developed a new brand and image. MSN was launched in November 2017 and Kay then felt it was time for her to move on – but not before talking with Jon Chin.

When Jon Chin agreed to take Kay’s place we already knew a lot about him. He had been a supporter of the scholarships program since its inception and through the ClubGRANTS program Hexham Bowling Club (where he was Secretary Manager until his retirement in July 2016) has been a sponsor for many years. We also knew of his work recruiting volunteers for the special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific Games held in the hunter and as Chair of The Hunter White Ribbon
Day .

What we somehow had missed was that in 2016 Jon was named Newcastle Business Club’ªs Business Person of 2016. Read the interview with Jon which appeared in Hunter Headline in 2016. 

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