Student Scholarship

Students Use Scholarship to Advantage

Four students from Maitland High School are among our current group of Educational Scholarship holders putting their award to good use.

Elenoa Ellis, Stephanie Harmer, Paige Matthews and Nikita-Rose Morris-Mallinson are among a group of 42 students from Hunter Region high schools and educational institutions who formally received their 2023 Educational Scholarship Certificates earlier this year.

The scholarships are designed to assist students over a 12-month period and are valued at up to $2,000. They are designed to assist eligible students aged 15 years and over (entering Year 11 or final vocational studies) to reach their full potential in terms of their individual educational and career goals despite experiencing financial need.

Scholarships are not necessarily awarded because of academic achievement, but rather because of students such as Elenoa, Stephanie, Paige and Nikita-Rose demonstrating a desire to achieve those educational or career goals.

Partnerships Officer at Maitland High School, Deborah McCrohon, is pictured congratulating (left to right) Elenoa, Stephanie, Paige and Nikita after the girls were presented with their certificates. Students use their scholarships to purchase a range of equipment and study items which can include computers, home study furniture, study material, school uniforms and other educational accessories.

Deborah has been a great supporter of Mentor Support Network and her assistance at Maitland High has been greatly appreciated by our organisation. 

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