Scholarship Local Students

Scholarship Certificates for Local Students

More than 40 local students from Hunter Region high schools and vocational institutions will be presented with educational scholarship certificates when Mentor Support Network holds its 2023 Presentation Ceremony tomorrow (Tuesday 9 May).

Chair of Mentor Support Network (MSN), Judy Hart, said the presentation of certificates was a highlight of the year for the volunteer organisation which provides scholarships for young students experiencing significant socio-economic difficulties or family challenges.

“The main aim of MSN is to provide a pathway where Hunter Region students experiencing those difficulties or challenges can reach their potential and complete their high school or vocational studies,” said Judy.

“MSN strives to remove inequality for students who have proven potential but who are held back by financial disadvantage.

“The 2023 scholarship group comprises 38 students from local high schools and four from vocational institutions, some having a refugee background.”

Tomorrow’s presentation ceremony will be held from 1:15pm at the Newcastle Harness Racing Club which is one of MSN’s supporters in providing meeting and function facilities.

Students from the following schools and organisations will receive scholarship certificates:

Callaghan College Jesmond

Ali Al Hariri, Zayd AlAlayan, Amir Eftekhari, Batool Elkhaleel, Bdoor Elkhaleel, William Foster, Yvette Harinya, Zuolfa Hovida, Fedaa Khshfeh, Alex Lee and Fadi Mail.

Callaghan College Wallsend

Youssef Ali.

Cook Hill Campus – Big Picture

Oliver Boehm, Theo Dixon-Smith, Miriam Gray, Matilda Marchant, Annikah Scriven and Nyah Spratt.

Hunter Sports High School

Naomi Bulmer.

Hunter Trade College

Tyler Driessen, Noah Hicks and Xavier Riley.

Lake Macquarie High School

Melinda Clempson, Lilly Harris, Hannah Smith and Diesel Wilesmith.

Maitland High School

Elenoa Ellis, Stephanie Harmey, Paige Matthews and Nikita Rose Morris-Mallinson.

St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton

MHD Kusai Bani Almarjeh, Agneth Chathouk, Godwill Hakim, Christabella Hirwa, Lolo Kuku, Shontae Lewis and Sarah Majak.


Joel Greentree.

West Wallsend High School

Palmyra Fatuvala, April Martin and Izaiah Webber.

Judy said MSN had provided more than 440 scholarships totalling about $770,000 to students in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, and Port Stephens since the organisation started operating 18 years ago.

“We are very fortunate to have great sponsors and supporters which enables MSN to provide scholarships to assist high school and other students who require a helping hand in their studies and education activities,” said Judy.

“MSN will be thanking its sponsors and supporters by presenting individual certificates as part of tomorrow’s ceremony.”

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