MSN Scholarship recipients speak at 2019 Celebration Breakfast

On 3 December, Three recipients of 2019 scholarships spote at the MSN Celebration breakfast; captivating the audience of sponsors, members and mentors.

Charly is a student at Cooks Hill High School a Big Picture School. He was able to use part of his scholarship money to hold an exhibition in Carrington of the artwork he created as part of his grade 12 project. He sold most of the work in the exhibition and received commissions for more. Three pieces were displayed at the breakfast; generating many positive comments are more commissions. Charly is looking for a carpentry
apprenticeship and considering studying art at TAFE.

Rebekah, who was featured in the last MSN newsletter, told us more about her work and reported on her plans to work on creating an underwater robot that will remove plastic waste from the ocean. Rebekah is about to start grade 11 and has been awarded a second scholarship for

Our third presenter was Byiringiro who received an MSN Refugee Student Education Award.Both he and MSN mentor Graeme described how much they had valued getting to know one another during the year and what an enriching experience it had been.WhIle he doesn’t yet have definite plans for 2010 Byiringiro is confident he can accomplish just about any goal he sets himself, the world is just waiting for him. 

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