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2022 Scholarships

MSN has decided to hold its 2022 Student Scholarship presentation ceremony in Term 2 because of the difficulties in currently arranging functions due to COVID-19 rules and regulations.

A total of 36 students will be receiving scholarships at a function being planned for Tuesday, 10 May. The scholarship recipients have been notified of their success with many already committing funds to purchase of computers, uniforms, desks and generals supplies.

The presentation ceremony is normally held in the November/December of the preceding year but the 2022 function was re-scheduled to work in with school commitments and calendars.

From the 2022 application forms…

Growing up I have faced many challenges like moving to different countries, living in war, learning a new language, meeting new people, adapting to different cultures, Not only that, but I have faced family difficulties like living with a single parent and looking after my siblings, and also getting a job for the first time. In the face of opposition, I have built up resilience, self-confidence and a good work effort which has taught me that I want to make a difference.

Aya, aged 17. (Ambition – medicine/brain surgeon)

I would put my money towards my long-term dream of learning about and creating art. I would purchase materials to experiment with, a desk to have more space to work, maybe a digital tablet to explore that side of art, art theory books etc. I could also access training specific to working in the library.

 Banjo, aged 17. (Ambition – interest in art/possibly librarian) 

If I was gifted the money, I would use it for educational purposes. Buying textbooks, notebooks, resources that are needed, anything that would be needed for my journey of becoming a midwife. It would also be used to buy uniforms for work if I got a job working in childcare.

 Aspen, aged 16. (Ambition – nursing/midwifery)

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