2020 Scholarship Presentation

The annual MSN scholarships presentation on 11 February was a great success.

Forty-five students from across the Hunter received scholarships to support their educational expenses during2020.  They can use their award to pay for computers, school uniforms, school excursions, eye glasses, course supplies etc.  How the funds are spent reflects each student’s priorities.

We will continue our support of the students throughout the year: helping them decide on what the need most and guiding them in budgeting their funds and making sound financial decisions.

As Emma said when she spoke to those at the presentation: “I was awarded a scholarship in 2019 and it will continue to support me until I finish my HSC. I bought a brand new laptop, senior uniforms and fully paid off a mandatory camp called Life Ready.”

Grace told us: “ÏThrough this scholarship I have learnt not to be afraid to ask for help when you need it, because asking for help is not the sign of weakness but the sign of strength.  The scholarship has taken away all my financial concerns and boosted my confidence.”

Through the financial support of many local businesses and individuals we are privileged to offer scholarships to a most amazing group of young people.

AJM Photography and Purser Corporate Communication (two of our pro bono supporters) did a great job telling the story. See photos in the Newcastle Herald (20/02/2002) and a story in Hunter Headline .

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