Past Scholarship Recipients

Since the scholarship program began in 2008 175 scholarships have been awarded. Three past recipients spoke at the presentation: Angela, Dorcas and Jacob.
All three spoke about the impact of the scholarships while they were studying and what they are now doing. Angela learnt English (using part of her scholarship for English tutoring), completed school and university (Social Sciences) and is now working in the disability services and support sector. Dorcas, also new to Australia, completed school and is now a business student at university. Jacob spoke of the impact the scholarship had in enabling him to successfully complete grades 11 and 12.He has started second year law studies in Armidale.

All three told us that while the scholarship provided for many of their educational needs (laptops, excursions, books, uniforms etc), one of the most important things it did for them was remove the ongoing financial worry and stress. In doing so it helped put them on a par with their peers. All three encouraged the 2018 recipients to:try your best but don’t worry too much; look for opportunities; and most importantly be happy while you do so.

There was also an e-mail update from 2017 recipient Tiarna.I have completed my Certificate 111 in children’s services and commence my Diploma in children’s services child care in February. I have been offered a position as a full time children’s educator upon my completion of my Diploma. I also have a future vision of joining the Air Force. I may of been blank with my career direction originally but I am full of goals and direction now. I am loving my choices of study, thank you to your supporters who financially made this happen. I was able to purchase a laptop and accessories which I complete
my studies on. Thank you for easing the financial burden on my mum, that meant the world to her and also myself. THANK YOU KINDLY FOR EVERYTHING.

MSN is very, very proud of all past recipients and we thank our sponsors for their support that enables us to award the scholarships. Read more in a recent Hunter Headline article.

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