What is mentoring?

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Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills, and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential; it is a journey of shared discovery.

Mentoring is multi-faceted; it can be formal or informal and may change and evolve as the needs of the mentee change. A mentor can be a role model, coach, sounding board, voice of reason, counsellor, and a trusted resource.

Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations.

Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development and improved social and economic opportunity.

What do mentors do?

Mentors listen objectively and act as a sounding board. They ask questions that encourage mentees to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and focus on problem-solving, decision-making, and solutions. They challenge traditional ways of thinking and encourage strategies outside of their mentee’s comfort zone.

Mentors can prepare their mentees for professional careers and assist with their workplace skills. They raise the bar regarding a mentee’s potential and provide guidance, support, encouragement, and constructive feedback.

If you’d like to become a mentor, our mentor training program provides mentors and potential mentors with the knowledge and skills required for youth mentoring.

what is mentoring
what is mentoring
what is mentoring

What is the impact of mentoring?

Mentoring can make a profound difference to the lives of mentees, and in turn strengthen our communities, economy, and country.

The consistent, enduring presence of a caring adult in a young person’s life can be the difference between staying in school or dropping out, making healthy decisions, or engaging in risky behaviours, and between realising one’s potential or failing to achieve one’s dreams.

Young people with mentors, especially at-risk youth, have more positive visions of themselves and their futures. They also achieve more positive outcomes in school, the workplace, and their communities.

Want to know more about mentoring?

New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network

The national hub for the youth mentoring sector in New Zealand. The Network works with organisations and practitioners to promote safe and effective practice in youth mentoring. They provide advice, support, access to best practice resources, and training in mentoring.

The National Mentoring Partnership

The unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in the United States. For more than 25 years, MENTOR has served the mentoring field by providing a public voice, developing and delivering resources to mentoring programs nationwide, and promoting quality mentoring through evidence-based standards, innovative research, and essential tools.

The Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network

A US-based network that makes available a comprehensive selection of articles and essays on mentoring and its impact, and on establishing mentoring programs.

The Role of Risk

Mentoring Experiences and Outcomes for Youth with Varying Risk Profiles report presents results from the first large-scale evaluation to examine how the levels and types of risk youth face may influence their mentoring relationships and the benefits they derive from mentoring programs.

How do I find a mentor?

If you’re looking for a mentor in the Newcastle or Hunter region, contact us and we can help connect you to one of our members.

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