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Becoming a mentor is a great way to contribute to the community. There are many young people who would greatly benefit from a mentoring relationship. 

Opportunities are available with our member organisations.

Mentors help young people better cope with the challenges of school, work experience, and career choices, and may direct them to support for personal and family issues.

They are dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of their mentees. They empathise, inspire, and make achieving dreams a reality.

We recommend the following steps to anyone considering becoming a mentor:

1. Become a member of the Mentor Support Network and get to know other mentors and representatives from organisations offering mentoring programs.

2. Participate in our mentor training program. One-day courses are offered throughout the year and can be followed up with ongoing learning through our regular networking and events.

become a mentor
become a mentor

Mentor training opportunities

Our mentor training program provides mentors and potential mentors with the knowledge and skills required for youth mentoring. To date, over 300 people have participated in one of our mentor training courses.

The courses aim to empower and enable individuals to develop skills and confidence in their mentoring capabilities. We also aim to create and nurture relationships between mentors and mentoring organisations. 

Individuals can register for courses that are currently on offer. However, organisations can also arrange with us to provide specific training for their mentors and youth workers. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss this further.

I’m grateful for this course. It has empowered me and clarified my role as a youth mentor. I am full of confidence.

One of the best courses I have attended – and I have attended a lot.

Mentor training overview

Mentor Support Network offers a one-day training program for those new to mentoring as well as those with experience who would like to reflect and refresh. Topics include:

Mentor training follow up and extension courses

Following the initial mentor training day, all mentors are welcome to participate in follow up Mentor Support Network training sessions.

These are half day workshops specifically designed for practicing mentors to enhance their self-knowledge and human insights to enhance their mentoring skills.


become a mentor

Stress explored

A half-day course designed to increase understanding around stress, the autonomic nervous system, signs of stress and ways to manage stress. These skills and insights are beneficial for a mentor’s self-care as well as for sharing with mentees.

Understanding styles of personality

A half day course designed to help mentors understand their natural mentoring style according to their personality, values, and inherent inclinations. This insight will also help mentors gain a deeper sense of the natural inclinations from those they mentor.

Upcoming training

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