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Mentor Support Network
Becoming a Mentor Support Network member provides opportunities for ongoing professional development and networking in support of youth and mentoring.

Individuals who benefit from Mentor Support Network membership are those who volunteer or work as mentors, those who are involved in supporting youth and those who have an interest in ensuring young people are supported to complete their education.

Organisations which benefit from Mentor Support Network membership include those working with youth, those providing mentoring services and those supporting young people to complete their education.

Mentor Member

What are the benefits of becoming an MSN member?

Members of Mentor Support Network are part of a community committed to supporting and enabling youth to complete their education.

Once you are a member of Mentor Support Network, you will receive:

In addition, MSN members may:

How do I become an MSN member?

To become a member, please complete and submit the Membership Application Form

The MSN membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. The annual membership fee is $50 and this goes towards Mentor Support Network scholarship funds that assist students to reach their full potential. Scholarships are granted to students who demonstrate the drive and determination to achieve educational goals, despite experiencing financial need.

If you require an invoice prior to payment of the membership fee, please contact us.

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